Loopy Mango Super Chunky Wool LARGE SKEIN

Are you ready to get started with super chunky wool?

Our Loopy Mango ‘Big Loop’ chunky wool is unique in the world of chunky yarn - it’s the largest available spun chunky wool at around 1cm thick: our spun wool feels just like a giant version of standard wool - it’s softer and lighter than a felted chunky yarn and holds together better than roving (combed, but unspun wool).

So why is does a ball of wool cost so much? Keep in mind this isn’t your usual ball of wool - it weighs over 1kg and is as big as a large baby (check out the Indigo Blues picture on this page). And, one ball is enough to create a chunky throw that is 70cm x 100cm. There are some suggested quantities for different sized throws below, but if you want to make it easy check out our Nantucket Throw DIY Kits: wool, needles and instructions in one kit.

For ideas and tips check out the online tutorials here (the best tip for chunky knitting is to keep your tension super loose: good advice for life in general) - and have fun!

Recommended knitting needles:

Your best results will come with using a circular chunky knitting needle (no losing stitches off the back) and we have some beautiful Loopy Mango knitting needles to choose from - Size 36 (2cm diametre) is great for Scarves & Beanies, Size 50 (2.5cm) are recommended for throws and for extra super-sized knitting we have the giant Size 100's (3.5cm): all can be found here .

We also have two giant sized crochet hooks: Size U (2.5cm) and Size Y (3.5cm) available here

How many skeins (balls) do you need: 
One ball is approximately 1.134kg/40oz and 115 metres (125 yards) long. One ball is enough to make a 70 x 100cm throw. To make a bigger throw you will need more skeins:

  • 70cm x 100cm (28''x40'') -1 skein
  • 91cm x 177cm (36''x70'') -2 skeins
  • 127cm x 177cm (50''x70'') -3 skeins
  • 142cm x 243cm (56''x96'') –4 skeins

We also have smaller balls of wool suitable for a scarf or beanie, have a look at them here.

Please note - due to hand made nature of this product variations in colour and thickness are possible. We recommend always purchasing enough yarn in your order to complete a project. 

Colours Available: If there is a colour you want from the colour chart that we don’t have in stock it can normally be ordered in for you in about 2 weeks, just email us at info@getmaking.com.au and we will confirm availability and timing. 

Shipping: FREE Standard 2-7 Day Australia Post shipping on orders over $150 / $5 shipping on orders over $40 / $10 shipping for orders under $40. You will have more options (like express) at checkout.

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