Super Chunky Wool

Loopy Mango is the original and best 'Big Loop' wool - the only one of its size that is a spun, not felted yarn. Lusciously thick and made from 100% merino it's a chunky wool that knits up quickly to create scarves, throws, hats and pillows that look amazing. It's available in a delicious array of colours and occasionally some Limited Edition batches.

It takes almost an hour to spin one skein of Loopy Mango and that's after the merino wool has been transported, dyed, picked and carded (combed). It's only made in small batches and as a result is very labour intensive to make. 

Loopy Mango is very easy to knit or crochet with - a throw can be completed in just a few hours. Check out the online tutorials for tips and ideas.