Knitting and Crochet at GetMaking

We are very excited to have some of the best wool and yarn available in the world ! 

Loopy Mango 'Big Loop' wool is our super-sized chunky wool - it is unique in that it's the largest spun chunky wool available. Other chunky wool is either roving (wool before it is spun), felted wool or twisted yarns. All of these are fun to work with but Loopy Mango is unique in its texture and quality, being made from premium merino wool. Remember that one large ball of wool is enough to create a small throw - it's huge!

For mid-weight chunky knitting that is perfect for oversized cardigans and scarves we have the Loopy Mango Merino No5 range of merino wool. This wool is about half the thickness of Big Loop wool and is buttery soft. 

Wool And The Gang Jersey Be Good and Mixtape yarn is great fun to work with and perfect for totes, bags and jewellery. Jersey yarn is made from excess materials used in cotton T-shirt production - soft and forgiving to work with and good for the environment too. Mixtape is an amazing yarn, it's woven like a large shoelace, making it super strong and very light - almost half the weight of the Jersey yarn. This makes it perfect for bags where you want strength but not too much weight. We've got some some great knitting and crochet DIY kits using these fabulous yarns.