Alabama Chanin DIY Kits and Books

Natalie Chanin has redefined hand-sewing with her haute couture fashion and lifestyle brand Alabama Chanin. Taking traditional sewing techniques that our great-grandmothers used to create quilts and clothes and using stencilling to create patterns and texture, Natalie’s team of local seamstresses hand-sew beautiful clothes from locally grown 100% organic cotton jersey.

Taking weeks to make by hand these clothes understandably cost thousands of dollars to buy. For home sewers the Alabama Studio series of DIY books and kits give you the materials and the skills to create your own wardrobe of Alabama Chanin style clothes.

We have 3 styles of DIY kits containing Alabama Chanin 100% organic jersey stencilled and cut-to-size by the Alabama Chanin team - they come with thread and embellishments, ready to sew.

The Magdalena Shawl is a perfect starting point for those new to hand-sewing, using reverse (cut-away) appliqué. The pattern pieces are compact and easy to handle, perfect for sewing while travelling or on the couch. 

The Check Tied Wrap is a slightly larger project using reverse appliqué and beading.

The Eyelet + Angie Throw is our most elaborate project using back-stitching, relief (raised) and reverse (cut away) appliqué and beading. With this kit you will create an absolutely beautiful heirloom and it comes stencilled and with all the notions you need.

We now also have in store the famous Coats Button Craft Thread that comes with the Alabama Chanin DIY kits, perfect for all hand-sewing projects.