Book Review: Flowersmith, How to handcraft and arrange enchanting paper flowers by Jennifer Tran

September 24, 2018

Book Review: Flowersmith, How to handcraft and arrange enchanting paper flowers by Jennifer Tran

Real or not? These peonies are the very nicest kind of fake. Delve into the world of paper flower making with Jennifer Tran and her stunning book Flowersmith. Jennifer’s hand-made flowers have filled the windows of Hermes and Gucci and have been the centrepieces of many a stylish photographic shoot. She’s even held classes at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art - at which over 100 people turned up!

This book shows step-by-step how to create many beautiful flowers from twisting and cutting crepe paper and just a tiny bit of glue. While there is obviously great skill in creating these pretty petals a beginner can quite quickly make gorgeous blooms.

A book review on Flowersmith How to handcraft and arrange enchanting paper flowers

What I found surprising was how calming the process of working with crepe paper is, as the paper stretches and is molded with your fingers. And then stems are finished with a firm wrap of a strip of crepe paper and a tiny touch of PVA glue. Jennifer is generous with sharing her tips as well as suggestions on where to buy supplies. Like most crafts tools and material quality counts, and the crepe paper she uses is a heavier weight paper from Italy: this means the paper can be pulled and stretched into organic shapes that hold - and can even be painted with food colouring or watercolours.

What a perfect gift, to bring along a few luscious blooms when visiting a friend - and all of a sudden I have a wish for a garland of flowers to wear as a crown - it is spring isn’t it !

Flowersmith can be bought here at booktopia and you can find Jennifer on Instagram at @_papetal_  and

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