For Love

January 17, 2016

One of my reading highlights this summer has been this series of stories and videos about some of the 11 businesses - more properly called Maisons - that now form a subsidiary of Chanel called 'Paraffection' (meaning 'For Love'). This series shows a glimpse inside the Maison Lesage (Embroidery), Maison Massaro (Shoes) and Maison Lognon (a Plisseur or pleater). I just loved the Maison Lognon video (see below): they way they work is amazing and I really had never thought about how pleating was traditionally done.


A tip for next time you are in Paris (why not!) Maison Lesage runs a day school and longer courses for more serious students who want to work professionally. When last in Paris I was lucky enough to be taken through their school and see the classes in action. It was exactly like in the video, with students sitting at their tables which are more like large frames and working with special embroidery needles and Luneville hooks. Make sure to book well in advance - their web site is here - and brush up on your french!

Click through here to read the full series of articles at the website Business of Fashion.


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