Let's talk thread: introducing Coats Button Craft Thread

April 09, 2017

When you're hand-sewing you want a thread that is strong but that also glides through your fabric with ease.

Coats Button Craft thread, more formally known as 'Coats & Clark Dual Duty Plus' Button and Craft Thread is regarded as one of the very best for hand sewers. Perfect for top-stitching a quilt, attaching buttons or creating layered embroidery on Alabama Chanin style clothes this thread has the winning combination of strength and polish.

Coats Button Craft Thread available in Australia

The secret is a strong polyester core wrapped in 100% cotton with a special glacé (meaning glossy) finish. Designed specifically for hand sewing that requires strength and resilience while not tangling, it is not recommended for use in your sewing machine. 

It's now available in Australia at GetMaking in a range of colours that can either compliment or provide a contrast to your fabric. The new coloured spools make it easy to find your thread in the drawer and the new 'trap lock' securely holds thread tight when not in use. While it used to be called Button & Carpet thread, it is now called Button & Craft thread - I guess Coats realised not too many people are sewing carpets!

This thread is a little thicker than standard cotton thread so your extra-fine eye needles will not be suitable. Remember the old sewing adage and you'll go well: 'needle your thread, don't thread your needle' which means you bring the needle to the thread, not the other way around.

Update: we are now back in stock of blue and with plenty of stock of the other colours - it's time to get sewing !

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