Behind the scenes at Loopy Mango: Part 1

October 15, 2014

Inside the Loopy Mango retail store in New York city. Pictured is Grace, one of the Loopy Mango team. Image copyright of LoopyMango.


We recently had the chance to ask Loopy Mango owners and entrepreneurs Waejong Kim and Anna Pulvermakher a couple of questions about starting and building their business. Here is part 1.


You were both working in corporate jobs before you made the jump to creative entrepreneurs - what was the toughest thing about the transition?

The toughest thing was uncertainty – giving up any kind of stability, regular paycheck, health insurance, etc.

How has the business evolved since you first started?

When you start your own business you dream big but you don't really know if that dream will ever become a reality. It has been a very long and rough road for us – it took us ten years to get where we are today. We took many wrong turns along the way but it has been a great learning experience.

What was your toughest challenge as business owner?

Toughest challenge is being relevant and current and always being ahead of the curve. Also staying true to yourself no matter what.

What’s been your biggest win for the business?

Developing the DIY Kits. Our kits are unique because they are very beginner friendly and take up very little time to complete a project.

How long did it take you to develop the Loopy Mango Big Loop (Chunky) Yarn?

It took us about three years to develop.

The production process for Loopy Mango Big Loop yarn is very labour intensive – what makes it so complex?

Because the yarn is so giant we can't use traditional yarn spinning equipment and what we use is very specialized and the process itself is very close to hand spun.

What’s your favourite part of owning and running a successful business?

Creative freedom and sharing our experiences with customers is the best part.


Thanks Anna & Waejong ! Next week they will share some local insight about life in New York and Massachusetts.

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