Jersey & Mixtape yarn - what is it?

June 05, 2016

You may have come across Jersey yarn before - often called T-shirt yarn, or Tee Shirt yarn, but what’s it like to work with and how is it different to Mixtape yarn?

Wool And The Gang Jersey Yarn and Mixtape yarn - what are they?

Jersey Yarn - ‘Jersey Be Good’

Jersey yarn is known as T-shirt yarn because it’s made from the excess fabric from T-shirt or other jersey garment manufacture. Because of that some colours ‘come and go’ and there can be small changes in the thickness and feel of the jersey, so when you have a project in mind be sure to get all the yarn you need in one go so you won’t have a shortage of a colour.  

Jersey yarn is lovely (and forgiving!) to work with and the end product feels a bit like your favourite T-shirt, soft and comforting. When opened flat it is around 1cm wide but it naturally curls at the edges to create a rounded yarn approx 7mm thick. Jersey yarn is perfect for a project like the Honey Bee Bag or the Mixi Macrame Necklace.

Jersey Yarn and Mixtape Yarn from Wool and the Gang now available in Australia

Left: Lipstick Red Jersey Be Good, Right: Lipstick Red Mixtape

One skein is approx 100 metres long and weighs 500g. The material composition is 98% cotton/2% elastane - some stretch but not too much. This would classify as a super bulky yarn, with 4WPI - wraps per inch.

We recommend a tension of 8 stitches +11 rows per 10cm, using a size 8mm-12mm crochet hook or 12mm-25mm diametre (US17 to 50) knitting needle.

Mixtape Yarn:

This yarn has become my unexpected favourite. It is a woven yarn, similar to a shoe lace but much more fun.

It is light in weight, in fact quite a bit lighter than the Jersey yarn as 100 metres of Jersey weighs 500g, while 130 metres of mix tape weighs 250g. The width is similar to Jersey at around 7mm wide. The material composition is 80% cotton/ 20% polyester - so flex, but limited stretch. This would classify as a super bulky yarn, with 4WPI - wraps per inch.

The great thing about Mixtape is its strength - it’s perfect for homewares or accessories like a larger bag where you need to know it’s strong enough to maintain its shape but not too heavy - just like our Carrie On Tote.

Mixtape yarn and Jersey yarn perfect for knitting or crochet

Left: Blue Denim Jersey Yarn; Right Sahara Dust Mix Tape Yarn

We recommend a slightly tighter tension than the Jersey with 10.5 stitches +15 rows per 10cm, using a size 6.5mm-8mm crochet hook or 8mm-15mm diametre (US11 to 19) knitting needle.

Of course these are just guidelines, you can make it your way with whatever sized needles you want, or do some hand weaving or macrame - all good fun!

For both Jersey and Mixtape we recommend a gentle machine washing of clothes in cold water, and spot cleaning with cold water for bags or other projects with leather or metal hardware.

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