Tokyo Crafting Classes & Shopping

November 04, 2018

Tokyo Crafting Classes & Shopping

When I’m travelling I love to take some creative classes. Here are some links to get you thinking about what crafts you can learn while in Tokyo. Check out our GetMaking Tokyo map below for locations.

Some of the traditional crafts to learn while you are in Tokyo are Edo-kiriko (cut and polished glass), Kintsugi (mending ceramics with gold), pottery, Ikebana (flower arranging), paper making, Suminagashi (paper decorating), plastic food making (the imitation sushi and noodles that can be seen at the front of a Japanese restaurant), Sashiko, Urushi (lacquer painting). Personalised stationery is a must in Tokyo, where you can find some huge and exciting stationery stores.

Pigment : For everything ink or paint related this amazing shop has an extraordinary collection of brushes, papers, inks and all kinds of tools. Book in advance to do a class here.

Itoya Stationery: while there are several Itoya stores the Ginza store is amazing - you could easily spend a day wandering its 12 stories. Head up to the 7th floor to Note Couture to create your own notebook. Read more about it here.

Kakimori: beautiful custom notebooks

Lisn: this luxury incense store will delight the senses - pick up custom incense sticks with personalised greeting printed on them.

Winged Wheel: chose you personalised stationery here.

Akomeya is not strictly a craft store but they have the most amazing selection of rice ground to different grades, Japanese cooking tools and beautiful homewares: check it out in Ginza.

Fabrics: Head to Nippori Fabric town for everything fabric

Tomato is famous for fabrics and found in Nippori Chuo Dori they have several stores  (5!) in this area and you won't miss them with the giant Tomato on the front. Find premium (Nani Iro) and budget fabrics here - especially in the Tomato Discount shop.

Bunka Fashion claims to be the leading fashion design school in Japan. They are are near Shinjuku station and have quality fabrics and notions. They are also famous for their custom dressmaking mannequins made to the measurements of their students. It's a bit of a wander to find the stores enter the lobby, go right and down the stairs to the basement, walk through to the rear and you will find the cafe and fabric stores.

La Musee Buttons has no website, but look in the side streets as you wander down the main street of fabric town and look for the big button signage. 

Yuzaway has several stores with premium limited editions and many notions. 

Okadaya fabric store in Shinjuku has loads of trims, notions, scissor and fabrics, with one building for fabric and the other for crafts. The door is a bit hard to find as it's in an alley way.

&Stripe: very cool spot for notions, including buttons zips etc. Check out the location on our map below

Fog Linen isn't a fabric store but it you are into beautiful linen their homewares and clothes will delight you.

Remember that many stores in Tokyo don't open before 11am (or even later !) and sometimes are shut on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Things change in Tokyo, there's always lots of building, stores move or shut and opening times change, so when you plan a trip always get your hotel to check that the stores are still there and open.

If you want our suggestions on where to stay and more on what do do in Tokyo click through to our story here.

Have fun shopping and crafting !


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